Saturday, February 1, 2014

An Owl's Story

A short story telling today.

Once upon a time a little girlie had three little owls

These darling baby owlies had no Mamma. One day the Little girl's Mom, made her a big fabric owl.

(Pattern and inspiration from: Sew Little Fabric Blog)

And the Little girl called it the "Mamma owl" the three little owlies got a Mamma and a nest.

Happy little girlie.....happy little owlies and a Very
Happy Mamma!!!

This is the second of my sewing ventures (First one Fabric Birdie). Am currently hand sewing....its time taking but am enjoying. I hope to learn machine sewing some time soon. 

About the pattern: Its a very easy to follow kind of pattern. Simple design, hand stitching took me about an hour. I used some scrap fabrics at home, matched and stitched them up. I used some big sized buttons for the eyes.
The design if used in its actual dimensions makes a small owl, may be the size of an adult palm. So if one plans to use the design please enlarge and use accordingly. Its a fun project to make and i think the finished owlie looks cute!! Will be repeating this project in more interesting fabrics and definitely make a bigger one next time. 

Thanks for stopping always.


Anuradha Prem said...

this is so cute ......
and please remove WORD VERIFICATION


WIDI said...

This looks really good. We made an owl out of recycled paper for my son for school. Will try this next time. Im also learning to sew and blogging my experience. Totally loving it.

Unique said...

Very Cute.....