Wednesday, December 25, 2013

New crafts and Season's Greetings!!

Its a quick just photos!!

This Fabric Bird Pattern is inspired from the web world. pattern is from Spool free bird pattern.
I used up old Fabric as am an amateur sewer,i hand sew this. I choose a kind of difficult fabric and it didn't hold the stitches well, so may not be a perfect shape, but for a beginner like me..... i loved the way it looks when finished.....and am sure to do more birdies in some interesting fabrics. Its a very easy pattern and looks lovely when done.

My Last minute decision to put-up some Christmas colors in my 2yr old Daughter's room. She helped me too and we put it up in 2hrs last nite....shez enjoying peeping into her room to see those stars glittering and am enjoying looking at the smile on her face!!


We did the tree with some wire, green tissue paper and ready scrapbook punches and supplies on hand. Also can be spotted are my ear-rings hung up as tree ornaments!!


This is a 10yr old stuffed snow man i learnt from a cousin of mine...its always been my favorite and he gets to come out once a year....and so you can see him smiling!!

Thanks for all those who stop by to view my posts.
Wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Joyous new Year Ahead!!


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Radhika said...

cool the fabric bird .. Wishing you a Very Happy New Year :)