Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Handmade Hair clip holders

My new found craze is making these hair clip holders- a very practical gift for little girls' birthdays/ their birthday return gifts. Am sure every girl would need this to manage the vast array of hair clips they treasure.

These are made with Cardboard and some easily available materials...........ideas inspired by the net. 
Just type in your search and there are loads of DIY videos for inspiration. If you got a little girl....just give it a try and am sure she'll love it in her room!!

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Craft Class resumes- Season 2

We Started our craft classes a couple of weeks ago.
Though the rain is a spoil sport these days...my craft class participants are way to enthusiastic that even rain can't stop them...........after all is crafting is really fun...isn't it!!

Sharing our new creations.

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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

My recent projects

Sharing some of my recent crafts

3D quilling- finger puppets- These are truly addictive!

Recycled Craft- CDs to animal face wall hanging

Recycled Craft- A Soap box, some hand made paper (hand print cut outs) and some bling to 
make a Pencil holder

Recycled Craft- A pressure Cooker Gasket to a Sun catcher

Simple Iris folding style collage for kids

Recycled Craft- A small cardboard box turned into a doll bed, hand stitched pillow....makes a proud possession for a little girl!

POP moulds- hand painted tribal faces

Traditional Indian sand art- Rangoli

Origami Crane- I made 60 cranes as a wedding favour

A Little friend of mine is addicted to mould and paint and so these days, we are busy making loads and loads of vibrant fridge magnets....heres a sneak peak!!

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Saturday, February 1, 2014

An Owl's Story

A short story telling today.

Once upon a time a little girlie had three little owls

These darling baby owlies had no Mamma. One day the Little girl's Mom, made her a big fabric owl.

(Pattern and inspiration from: Sew Little Fabric Blog)

And the Little girl called it the "Mamma owl".................so the three little owlies got a Mamma and a nest.

Happy little girlie.....happy little owlies and a Very
Happy Mamma!!!

This is the second of my sewing ventures (First one Fabric Birdie). Am currently hand sewing....its time taking but am enjoying. I hope to learn machine sewing some time soon. 

About the pattern: Its a very easy to follow kind of pattern. Simple design, hand stitching took me about an hour. I used some scrap fabrics at home, matched and stitched them up. I used some big sized buttons for the eyes.
The design if used in its actual dimensions makes a small owl, may be the size of an adult palm. So if one plans to use the design please enlarge and use accordingly. Its a fun project to make and i think the finished owlie looks cute!! Will be repeating this project in more interesting fabrics and definitely make a bigger one next time. 

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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

New crafts and Season's Greetings!!

Its a quick post....so just photos!!

This Fabric Bird Pattern is inspired from the web world. pattern is from Spool free bird pattern.
I used up old Fabric as am an amateur sewer,i hand sew this. I choose a kind of difficult fabric and it didn't hold the stitches well, so may not be a perfect shape, but for a beginner like me..... i loved the way it looks when finished.....and am sure to do more birdies in some interesting fabrics. Its a very easy pattern and looks lovely when done.

My Last minute decision to put-up some Christmas colors in my 2yr old Daughter's room. She helped me too and we put it up in 2hrs last nite....shez enjoying peeping into her room to see those stars glittering and am enjoying looking at the smile on her face!!


We did the tree with some wire, green tissue paper and ready scrapbook punches and supplies on hand. Also can be spotted are my ear-rings hung up as tree ornaments!!


This is a 10yr old stuffed snow man i learnt from a cousin of mine...its always been my favorite and he gets to come out once a year....and so you can see him smiling!!

Thanks for all those who stop by to view my posts.
Wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Joyous new Year Ahead!!


Monday, December 16, 2013

Minnie-Mouse Themed Birthday Party for my Little girl!!

Last week My little Angle turned TWO......time surely flies!! I still remember my pregnancy days and counting down days ......and its already been two years since all that!!
My little one is just growing fond of cartoon characters, animals and such....she has just begun to have "Favorites"......and her first favorite has been "Minnie Mouse". So we picked the theme after her and planned this Minnie themed birthday party for her...colors for the party were 'Pink and Black'.

Most ideas were inspired by the fellow bloggers, their posts, ideas and also from Pinterest......Thanks to all those who shared your ideas on the internet world!

Am sharing my creations and the party decorations we made for our little girl. Hope you all like them.
Birthday Invitation
Welcome sign



Party Hair bands
Welcome table

Birthday Cake-Mango Butterscotch..............very very yummy!!

Guest- Sign Page

Return Gifts

My Angel enjoyed her party..................she was too thrilled with the vibrancy of the decorations, very happy with her friends....comfortable in her pretty pink dress and thoroughly enjoyed her party!!

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Sunday, November 17, 2013

My Recent Crafts

Sharing some recent crafts of mine.

A birthday card for my Little friend
Welcome Rangoli- for Dasara

Fabric paint on Canvas- Name board for my niece's Nursery

Welcome Banner for my Niece- Inspired by Pintrest
'First Day of school'- Scrapbook page from a sample kindergarten memoirs book that I created

'My family'- sample page

'Field trip' - sample page
'My Staff'- sample page

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